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Church of the Dead

Titel / Title Vol.1: Stay Out Of My Grave 
Label NightLust Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The Helsinki-based band Church of the Dead put out its first EP “Vol.1: Stay Out Of My Grave” in January. That release was highly-anticipated in the Finnish extreme metal scene since, even though the band has been around for barely one year, it is now quite popular in the Helsinki extreme metal scene. Since their beginning, the Church of the Dead has been gigging quite a lot in the capital and thus made many fans.

It´s pretty hard to put a label on Church of the Dead´s sound since the band doesn´t fit into any specific metal sub-genre. They are neither afraid to mix nor to add different influences to their basic sound. Be prepared for some old-school death metal spiced up with some punky bits, groovy tone and even some grindcorish parts. For example, the song “Nekrovulture is like a big punch in your face colored with punk attitude. If you´re looking for some killer riffs, then go for “Beheaded, Scooped & Displayed” that will trigger a sudden urge to bang your head. If you want something heavier, just listen to “The Abyss” which is more on the death metal side. All songs are super efficient and the execution is well done. Even if the band doesn´t necessarily innovate, the quartet still plays something we´re not so often used to hearing nowadays.

Sooner or later, though, you realize it´s actually not the music played that matters, but rather the feeling, coming from the songs. The atmosphere, created through the songs, is what makes that EP so efficient to me. The band is indeed very good at creating an atmosphere, recalling horror movies. The sound conveys a mood, carrying some sort of an eerie feeling. You are plunged into a gore-like old-school vibe, which is, however, quite enjoyable! Note also the vocals, which add heaviness to the frightful mix. You´ll wee what I mean when you listen to the record. Plus, the band also adds a good portion of zombie-related humor. The outcome sounds raw and pure, strengthening that old-school feeling, the production isn´t overdone and sounds authentic.

“Vol.1: Stay Out Of My Grave” is likely to appeal to a wide audience thanks to the diversity it encompasses – but also thanks to its vibe and the attitude the band adopts. This EP was meant to give a first insight into the sound of Church of the Dead. I ´m sure the band has much more to offer. Let´s see when the band releases “Vol.2: Terror Tales” in May.

Marine Crepiat, transl. K. Gransalke

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