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Keen Wit

Titel / Title The Streets of No Return 
Label FinestNoise/Radar 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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A concept record with only eight songs brings up the first big question mark here for me. Ok, two of the songs last more than 10 minutes and also the rest is between 4 and 8 minutes long. And then “Progressive Metal”. Song number one is actually the intro and features the whispered sentence “Speak to me”. That the album was written by a guitar player, Luke May, is easy to hear with the second song. It begins with a 3-minute long guitar concerto, only then one of the three singers takes center stage. Besides Tobi Kutscheid, Rebecca Bretz and Franziska Borchert take care of the vocals on the record.

What I miss most are infos about the concept of the album. The only thing the record label talks about is the “listening pleasure”, which reminds of bands like Ayreon. But, this comparison does not work at all. Ayreon is much, much more elaborate and draws on a clear story, about which the lyrics are written.

Music-wise, they could have spent more time into creating a wider variety of the compositions. Because the already mentioned 3 minute-guitar part is followed by a 7-minute-part, in which the same vocals are repeated again and again and again, boooring! Luke May is a great guitar player but eventually enough is enough. At the latest with the third song, it is getting on my nerves that one of the singers always adds some snotty sounds to every word to sound at least a bit like a rock singer. The male voice is ok and gets across emotions, too.

“The Streets of no Return” is not a bad album but it´s not very well-thought-out either. For the second attempt, they should take more time or ask someone who knows something about concept records! It´s an ok record that, after a while, gets a bit boring.

Sandy Mahrer

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