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Pretty Maids

Titel / Title Motherland 
Label Frontiers Records 
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Pretty Maids were the first rock band I ever saw live and even today, they still mean something very special to me. I just love their songs and live, the band has always been great. But they have never been one of those bands I could listen to on record and that´s because singer Ronnie Atkins voice always sounded very different on record compared to live - too clean, there was no rasping in his voice, everything was too straightened out. Of course, I was more than happy when the live record “It comes Alive (Maids in Switzerland)” was released last year.

Aber die Hoffnung stirbt bekanntlich zuletzt. Haben es die Pretty Maids mit ihrem neuen Studio-Release „Motherland“ endlich geschafft, das umzusetzen, was sie live so speziell macht? Die Antwort lautet ja!

As we all know, hope dies last. So will the band with their latest studio release “Motherland” finally manage to capture what makes them so special live? The answer is “yes”! Compared to their last records, Ronnie sounds way more like Ronnie as he has ever done before. Here and there, there could have even been a bit more of him and his scratchy voice because it´s exactly this voice that makes Pretty Maids so awesome. It just sounds almost as if you would watch the band live.

Already the compositions of their last studio record “Pandemonium” were high class and so there was huge fear that they wouldn´t be able to write a worthy follow-up record. But the Maids can relax, they succeeded without any doubt. The album has just the right mix of powerful Melodic Metal songs and those soulful, sentimental midtempo songs and ballads that made the Pretty Maids famous back in the days. Absolute highlights are surely the two singles “Mother of all Lies” and “Sad to see you suffer” but also “Why so serious”; and I think “Bullet for you” is the right song for all those who liked “Love Games” and “Please don´t leave me”. If you ask me there are no bad songs on this record. Besides “It comes Alive”, that´s the second Pretty Maids record that will be running in a continuous loop, that´s for sure. It´s an awesome album. Keep up the good work!!

Sandy Mahrer

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