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Victor Griffin´s In-Graved

Titel / Title Victor Griffin´s In-Graved 
Label Svart Records 
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Victor Griffin, former guitarist of Doom Rock legends like Pentagram and Place of Skulls releases, on March 22, the eponymous debut album of his new playground called In-Graved. The album was produced in Knoxville/Tennessee by Travis Wyrick and Mike Dearing (both Place of Skulls ). Griffin is supported, among others, by Jeff Olson (Trouble), Guy Pinhas (The Obsessed), Greg Turley (Trouble) and a few more doom protagonists – hence, you could call it an all-star band.

And I can tell you one thing: For me, In-Graved is a very strong contender for album of the year 2013! Absolutely! Even though, the year is still young and I´m sure many more interesting records will come out this year… but, at least for my part, I haven´t encountered an album that managed to capture me right from the start in a very long time. Already with the opener “Digital Critic”, the listener becomes aware that something special is rotating in his/her CD player. Of course, we get to hear Griffin´s trademark, the Buzzsaw sound of his guitar and the warm and earthy production adds the final touches to a perfect Doom Rock album. The second tune, “What If”, is pure, musically expressed passion – just listen to the solo. There´s a cool video on YouTube for “Late For an Early Grave”. Together with the last song of the album, this song was written back in 2006. It is something like the hit song of the album. Next up is “Fading Flower” – a quiet, very bluesy song. Also very cool is the driving “Thorn in Flesh”, that is, in parts, reminiscent of Black Sabbath´s "Zero the Hero". Griffin also breathes, quite skillfully, new life into Jethro Tull´s "Teacher". But my own personal album highlight is "Love Song for the Dying". It´s amazing how Griffin´s voice is embedded into the instruments. The last track, "Never Surrender", stands out a lot from all the other songs but it is not inappropriate. Somehow along the lines of: "I brought you into the dark valley, now I´ll shepherd you out again." It´s a really catchy tune. For such a brilliant debut, there can only be one fair evaluation:

Björn Schmiterlöw

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