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With their 4th album „Unzerbrechlich“ and over 18 years of band history, Mystigma should be well known by now, at least in the German gothic scene. Three years after their last release, “Andagony”, fronter Torsten Bäumer and his boys are back with a new one. The beautiful artwork right away draws attention, which comes in especially handy in a record store.

I honestly have to say that I, until now, hadn´t heard of the band at all. I actually saw their names a few times appearing in the line-up list of German goth festivals but music-wise, I didn´t know what I was in for. Their new record “Unzerbrechlich” gives all fans and possible future fans, 12 songs, either in German and English. Even though, I am not really into this kind of music, I do like a few songs. Fo example “Was von der Nacht noch übrig bleibt” is a beautiful German piece, which you might have guessed from the title. Or also “Pretending Cross”. With Billy Idol´s “Rebell Yell”, there is also a cover version on the album. Unfortunately, they picked a song that has been covered way too often. But let´s be honest, nobody has ever managed to beat the original! Music-wise, the Dark Rock with Gothic elements sounds pretty good, even though the songs are all quite similar but it´s not bad as it sounds. Vocally, Thorsten Bäumer´s voice is surely something one needs getting used to but then again, he is one of the few singers you will recognise amongst 1000 others. Gothic & Dark Rock fans will like this record.

Sandy Mahrer

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