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Nick Hellfort

Titel / Title The Mask Within 
Label Sonic Revolution/Bob Media 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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I honestly have to say that I, so far, haven´t heard anything of Nick Hellfort – nor of its founder Nicolaj Ruhnow, who is also the singer of Tokyo Blade and Domain. His debut record “The Mask Within” is, already for a longer time, ready to be released but because of his commitments to Tokyo Blade, Ruhnow´s solo project had to be pushed aside. Lots of time to work on it again and now, it finally sees the light of day.

The music of Nick Hellfort is somewhere between Heavy Metal and Progressive and reminds me a bit of bands like Kamelot. Vocalwise, Nicolaj occasionally aims for extreme highs, luckily not that often. For sure, Hellfort make good music but I have to say that it is not really my taste. There are, again and again, well done bits and pieces but, in the end, apart from the choruses, the record is simply not melodious enough for me, and now and then too chaotic, too. But I am sure that some will love Nick Hellfort, it´s just that I wont be one of them. Complicated music that demands a lot from the listener, depending on the mood, sometimes it´s just too much at once.

Sandy Mahrer

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