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Days We Are Even

Titel / Title Himalaya 
Label Sonic Revolution/Bob Media 
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Days We Are Even is maybe not the best name for a band if it is supposed to stay in the mind of people but their songs will definitely do. The band, which consists of a German, a Swiss and a Brazilian, releases, with “Himalaya”, their debut record. Music-wise, they can be filed under Modern Metal, which means: EVERYTHING goes, nothing is forbidden. Thus, there are also influences of other genres on the record. The music is powerful, energetic and fresh. Hard to believe that this trio is hailing from Switzerland. Honestly, not often have I encountered a debut album by a Swiss band of such a good quality. People, who like Foo Fighters and Stone Sour, will definitely like this band too, which is also what the label info tells us. The sound fits, the voice is versatile and good. Only the sound is always a bit similar and could be a bit more various and surprising here and there. For the next album, I would recommend making every song (music and vocals) a bit different from the rest, otherwise it will be boring. But the guys from Zürich are on a good way to make it in the Metal scene! Recommended track: “Himalaya”, for sure!

Sandy Mahrer

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