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Titel / Title Dislocated and Bent  
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There are two categories of Stoner Rock, in my opinion – the first you can only bear to listen to when you are totally high yourself, the other one is a bit like “the healthy alternative to drug use”, because it is the music itself which kicks in and takes you on a trip ... and Devillac can be placed into the second category.

The story of this Finnish band goes way back, Devillac was formed in the summer of 2000, but the band members have played together in various acts (including Supercruiser and Fuzzbender) before. As it is usually the case, several line-up changes delayed the debut album release until 2008; Three Hours to Coma made a very good impression to STALKER back then. Once again, years passed by because of line-up changes, until this (again self-produced) second album came out. This time, Danko Jones came to my mind when listening to it because there is power and energy; Cinnamon Ryder, Heel Cujo Heel or the grooving R´n´R track Walls Of Jericho even have hit song qualities. A bit quirky but with a touch of melancholy and acoustic parts, the last song Spoonatic delivers full-blown Stoner dimensions with its almost 10min. The only thing I could complain about would be this – luckily rare – occurrance of a guitar effect with high-pitch feedback sounds too much like “tooth-headache” to me. Otherwise I can only recommend this one.

Klaudia Weber

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