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Titel / Title Heza 
Label Polyvinyl Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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With „Heza“, Generationals from New Orleans release their third full-length album. This is one of those records where I can´t really decide whether I like it or not. Some elements, such as the opener “Spinoza” that reminds me of The Cure or the rocking guitars in “I never know” I really enjoy. Other things, like the rather electronic “Extra Free Year” do not speak to me at all.

The album manages to sound old and modern at the same time. For me, it has a 70ies feel, but still manages to sound fresh. The ten compositions offer much variety, combine different sounds from pop, rock and electro. Those who enjoy complex sounds will surely like this. The songs are certainly very listenable and some even make good haunting tunes.

1. Spinoza
2. Extra Free Year
3. Say When
4. You Got Me
5. Put A Light On
6. I Never Know
7. Awake
8. Kemal
9. I Used To Let You Get To Me
10.Durga II

Stefanie Oepen

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