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Titel / Title Confessions 
Label Eleven Seven Music / EMI 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Confessions is already the seventh album of singer Josh Todd and his men, and this time it´s all about one topic: the seven deadly sins. The reason behind the choice of this topic is, as Todd explains, that he wanted to base his songs on the trials and tribulations of his childhood and the transformation to adulthood.

With Gluttony, the band managed to create a really strong start into the album. It´s a catchy tune with much potential to be sticking to the mind for a long time! Not that great are, however, the passages, in which you can hear only “woaaah” as lyrics, since those parts clearly give the song a length it doesn´t need and thus weaken the song´s power.

It continues, not any less convincing, with songs that all manage to keep the listener entertained, mostly thanks to the melodies that invite to sing along. Josh´s vocals are really good; his voice is still strong and edgy, yet it is not really offering a lot of diversity. Even stronger is the guitar playing, which skillfully sets some highlights here and there. It also ameliorates the instrumental sections and manages to ´loosen up´ the songs a bit more. Together, vocals and guitar create a sound that is straight forward and absorbing – even though some songs tend to sound quite similar. Despite this, the end result is pretty solid with, however, very few songs that really stand out. That´s surprising as the songs do really have much to offer, starting from the interestingly created multi-vocal parts, over the already mentioned guitar parts, to the simply brilliant transitions from slow to faster tempi within one song.

Besides „Gluttony“, one should also mention „Sloth“ and „Dreamin´ of you“, which clearly belong to the more quiet and melodic pieces of the album. “Sloth” shines with a piano beginning and the sound of stringed instruments in the background, as well as with Josh´s voice, which almost foams over with expression and emotion. “Dreamin´ of you“ has, in contrast, a bit of a popish vibe; with the acoustic guitars and the returning stringed instruments. Josh´s vocals manage to harmonize with the instruments just as much as they did with “Sloth” – both songs clearly create an atmosphere that gives the listener goose bumps.

Overall, it is a really strong album - just as we know it from Buckcherry. Nevertheless, the album is lacking some clear highlights and a bit more diversity, so that a few songs seem to be passing by without really managing to catch the ear.

Carina Ullmann

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