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Titel / Title 3rd Eye Supernova 
Label Finest Noise 
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On April 19th, Encypher present their new record „3rd Eye Supernova“ - A mixture of alternative Metal and NuRock. Occasionally sounding as if the band doesn´t care at all, then again, it appears as if they do have a well-thought out plan – it´s a mix of both. I must confess, however, that I am not a big fan of the beginning of the record, the first 3 songs are too clumsy and the shouts always sound the same - the sound is missing that certain something. Luckily that changes in the middle of the album and with a 1:42 minute long string concert, the guys know how to surprise the unprepared listener. Personally, I like the softer tracks like “Stoned in the Glasshouse”, “Anemophobia”, and “Into the Storm” or “Supernova” best. The album gets better and better towards the end because there´s more variety in the songs. I also think that singer Jeff sounds way better when he sings with his normal voice. He could combine the two styles of singing in one song more often and not only use one or the other style. Final verdict: Encypher are not bad but that certain something is still missing.

Sandy Mahrer

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