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No Opinion

Titel / Title No Chains for Change 
Label Finest Noise 
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The guys of No Opinion definitely have seen quite a lot of the world already. They not only toured in Europe, the Southern Germans also conquered the US and even China. In addition, the band played support for numerous bands – thus, thereīs just one question left, what else do they want to achieve?! Well, to be honest, I havenīt heard anything of this band before and thatīs because I am not really feeling at home in the Punkcore scene. Thatīs why I was a bit afraid to listen to this record because usually this kind of music makes me aggressive or go nuts. But to my surprise, itīs melodious Punkcore songs that come out of my stereo, sometimes quite harsh but always with melodious guitar parts and alternating harmonious vocals – it simply creates a pleasant atmosphere. This could be a record for those, who usually donīt listen to these typical Punkcore stuff, but maybe also for fans of Sonic Syndicate or similar bands. A great sound and the guys really deserve to be successful. Keep on rocking!

Sandy Mahrer

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