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Memory Garden

Titel / Title Doomain 
Label Metal Blade Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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For five long years, Memory Garden kept us waiting for their new record – now it´s out and it is called Doomain. As it becomes more and more clear that Candlemass will soon reach their date of expiry, it is all the better to know that a band like Memory Garden is absolutely able to fill the looming gap. Singer Stefan Berglund´s voice reminds, in parts, al lot of Candlemass´ former vocalist Messiah Marcolin, who was fired by the band in 2006 because of, amongst others, his “childish and undemocratic way to ´discuss´ matters”.

The first title, The Evangelist, which wowed fans already before the album´s official release, immediately raises the bar pretty high. It´s Power/Doom Metal with beautiful and soulful lead guitars. Latent Lunacy begins rather unspectacularly but this soon changes... just as you would expect it from a song titled “latent lunacy”. The guitars played by Simon and Ante complement each other in an absolutely harmonious way, occasionally touching Prog Metal areas but without getting lost in its typical guitar fiddling patterns. Now and then, I feel reminded of Symphony X, during their "Paradise Lost" times. Throughout the entire playing time, Memory Garden do their thing on a technically and atmospherically advanced level. The album sounds complete and I really have a hard time to single out a certain song. As a matter of fact, I listened to Doomain up until yesterday, only in its entirety and that´s exactly the way it should be listened to, in my opinion. It´s a unified whole. The genre Doom, however, can be only understood by those who know Memory Garden from former albums. Even though, it´s obvious whose brainchild Memory Garden is, for me, Doomain rather belongs to Power Metal. Nonetheless, it´s an absolutely excellent album!

1. The Evangelist
2. Latent Lunacy
3. Daughters of the Sea
4. Barren Lands
5. Violate & Create
6. Doomain
7. The King of the Dead
8. A Diabolical Mind
9. Misfortune

Björn Schmiterlöw

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