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Divided Multitude

Titel / Title Feed on your Misery 
Label Nightmare / Fireball Records 
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One of the longest serving bands in the Norwegian Metal scene (founded 1995), but no Black Metal to be found here. In their hiatus some band members joined other bands (e.g. Gitarrist Christer Harøy - Triosphere, Drummer Olav Skei - Memorized Dreams), but now the fifth studio album has been released – which surprises with a Flamenco intro.
But then it´s no longer about Folk – massive riffing that could come from a Melodic Death band. Epic tunes and the big sound quickly point to the Power Metal direction, and there is also a good dose of Prog and a little bit of Thrash (Reborn) – a high quality mixture that has the Metal fan´s heart jump high up, and you want to hear more.
I assume that in the early days Dio was one of the influences, maybe also Rainbow, and Keyboarder Eskild Kløften must be a fan of Deep Purple (“Vicious By Heart” intro) and Dream Theater ... When it comes to the vocals, Sindre Antonsen rather went to the school of David Wayne (Metal Church, R.I.P.) - his powerful voice is rather going rough than climbing into clean high registers, yet he shows that he manages both.
Who is into bands like Tarot, Stratovarius, Kotipelto or Queensrÿche (try “Scars” and “Crimson Sunset”) – and those catchy tunes even take a bow to Sonata Arctica or Helloween – surely enjoys this CD. Well, I have to admit that for me sometimes it´s narrowly miss Kitsch (choruses and repetition of choruses), and “Transparent” features perhaps an overdose of Blind Guardian input – yet this Metalcore staccato riffing from the string section Christer and Rayner Harøy (bass) give this song a Divided Multitude trademark twist.
Summing up, this album is well done and I can only recommend it.

Klaudia Weber

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