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Titel / Title Violent Redemption 
Label unsigned 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Today, I got some Thrash Metal from India rotating in my stereo and I have to admit, Iīm a little stumped. Even though the quartet from Trivandrum/India has all the ingredients needed for a gourmet thrash metal meal, somehow I feel something is still missing. After an intro, the record kicks off with the opener Torn. The track sound quite good at first, however, the voice of the singer leaves a rather bad taste in my mouth, itīs like a wrongly used spice or too much of it, affecting the rest negatively. Composition and consistency are o.k., though. Itīs all not very new, one has heard this kind of music many times before but itīs absolutely noticeable that somebody put a lot of effort into this album.

The next track, Game, is pretty bad, though, mostly because of this incredibly annoying chorus. I cannot say anything bad about the technical side but sometimes the arrangement is a bit off. Well, it can only get better (thatīs what I thought, at least). And indeed, Chaos manage to escape the lows for a while and climb up to a higher level, which is mostly due to their technical abilities. There are hardly any surprises on the record but Saint and Heavens Gate are two pretty good titles, Saint even more so. The second half of Violent Redemption is a downer once again, all songs are just average – the playing as such is, again, not bad. Worth mentioning is Self Deliverance – a really good track.

The boys know their craft very well, thatīs obvious but the shouter ruins much of what has been achieved, especially during the choruses. Thatīs really a pity but Iīm sure Chaos will tap their full potential in the future.

Björn Schmiterlöw

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