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Eloa Vadaath

Titel / Title Dead End Proclama  
Label Noiseheadrecords 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The second album of this Italian band (produced by Mario Jezik at Noiseheadstudios Austria) is definitely a “Progressive” album, or even “Avantgarde” because of the highly experimental nature of several tracks. As soon as you recover from the shocking impact of a massive sound wave with Black Metal riffs, extreme Speed-drumming, vocals ranging from heroic-clean to screams to growls and a hectic violin crowning it all, it does not sound that bad...

I´d actually recommend to skip the first 3 tracks and start to explore this album with “Vever”, which offers some more slowed-down groove and a Folkish intro, which provides maybe an easier digestible initiation to this music. The first 3 songs give me the impression of “too much” - listening to them means “work”, as you are trying to identify structures, tunes – but there is too much going on at the same time, therefore the overall impression is pure chaos. Yet when the mixture actually works, a track like A Dead-End Proclama, Mr.Goldstein still has this ear-candy quality (due to the chorus), despite all those permanent blast beats and a multitude of elements... Ad Rubrum Per Nigrum provides singer Marco Paltanin with the opportunity to explore his range; you could even call it an evil “ballad”, as romantic as a bath in a worm-infested puddle of mud... What´s coming after that are tracks that - despite ranging from classic (Prog) Metal to Black-Metal blasts – still give the impression that the band has taken the reigns – and maybe then you could give the first 3 a try, maybe then those tracks don´t seem chaotic any more...

Marco Paltanin - Vocals, Guitars
Lorenzo Fabbri - Guitars
Riccardo Paltanin - Electric and Classical Violins
Nicolò Cavallaro - Bass and Vocals
Mirko Cirelli – Drums

Klaudia Weber

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