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Les Fleurs Du Mal

Titel / Title Concrete Ravings 
Label Echozone 
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Gothic Rock made in Stockholm - Les Fleurs Du Mal release with „Concrete Ravings“ their third record. The brothers Axel and August Grimm promise a diverse and exciting record. The first song of the 11 piece strong record is, however, pretty meagre and the spoken word ´vocals´ – which can be found on the entire record - don´t make it anymore luscious. After the first track, A Remorseful Day, the songs become a bit more melodious. They all feature very catchy melodies and great beats for the listener. The spoken word vocals are simply a matter of taste – I´m not a big fan of them, though. I´d wish that they would offer a bit more. And also in general I´ wish for a bit more variation.

Sandy Mahrer

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