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Dive by Wire

Titel / Title Wired for Sound 
Label unsigned 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Dive By Wire´s debut album was already released last year but whoever makes the effort to send us a record also deserves to get a review for it – no matter when. The band from Bottrop, Germany, is in existence already since 2010 and does, according to themselves, Experimental Rock. The four band members Thomas, Julian, Manuel and Diane recorded their first record “Wired for Sound” all by themselves. Sometimes the sound reminds me of Guano Apes but I would describe their sound rather as Pop/Rock. One thing is for sure, music-wise, they try a lot of things on their record even though I mostly hear those pounding bass lines. When it comes to the singing, Diane´s vocals are always a bit the same, occasionally a few effects have been added but there are really no big changes. Here and there, there seem to be a few wrong notes, which don´t fit to the sound. Dive By Wire are an interesting band and I´m pretty sure that they will find some fans, if the right people hear about them. They´re not exactly mainstream but they do their jobs well. I can´t get rid of the feeling, though, that there´s still something missing in their music, something that makes them truly unique. But maybe we will hear that on record number two.

Sandy Mahrer

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