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Titel / Title Beautiful Liar 
Label Echozone 
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Even though Mindstrip are around since 2009 already, they only now release their first EP titled „Beautiful Liar“. And their full-length album, “Polymere”, will be released very soon. Mindstrip are inspired by all kinds of music, which is pretty obvious when you listen to their record. Thus, one is reminded of Eurovision Song Contest bands, various Pop Rock songs and even of a Bollywood movie. Unfortunately, this leads to the fact that one doesn´t think the band created something new. Vocalwise, singer Marco has a very versatile voice, which he uses in a different way all the time – and that is really not bad at all. I hope, with the upcoming longplayer, the band took more care to do their own thing and don´t look too much at other bands for inspiration. But, all in all, we can look forward to an interesting full-length album from Mindstrip. I´ll save the rating for that.

Sandy Mahrer

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