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Blind Passengers

Titel / Title Timemachine 1992 2005 2CD 
Label Wannsee Records / EMI 
Total run time
CD1 = 53:10 CD2 = 53:53 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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This is it. Blind Passengers are a thing of the past. Another innovative electro-rock band comes to an end. When you listen to CD1 of the digi pack you can't help but wonder: "This is all she wrote. But there are certainly more ideas to explore." Too bad, because songs like "Walking to Heaven", "Born to Die" etc. are so nice and catchy. On CD2 the band presents its more rocky side. Why did Rayner Schirner exchange his mic for a production seat? Probably something he really wants to do, some kind of calling. Nik Page is still entertaining us with his solo albums. Good! Perhaps these two will find each other again at some point. But that will be another story about the uncompromising and versatile band by the name of Blind Passengers. There's nothing more for me to say than BUY THIS ALBUM and a box of tissues, this album will move you.

Marc Hoek

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