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Titel / Title Sleepwalk  
Label Solar Flare Records 
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Hailing from Nantes - France, Watertank can celebrate the 10th band anniversary this year. Therefore it seems a bit odd why they released their debut album "Sleepwalk" via Solar Flare Records (Softy Major, Pigs, American Heritage) only now, although they had also shared the stage with a number of high-profile artists including Torche, Kylesa, Baroness and The Ocean.
Well, the opening track "Where It All Begins" with its extremely heavy Doom riffs sounds pretty promising, yet the sound mutates into some Alternative Rock with Psychedelic elements. There seems to be a huge Grunge-influence, too, concerning the "washy" guitar sound and the snotty-ironic vocal style. My problem here is that I never really liked Grunge, and for my ears those vocals, that seem to stick within a range of 3 notes only, quickly appear one-dimensional. Although the CD offers some good groove and punch, I have the impression that the initial promise is not quite kept here. Those songs that return to a more heavy Doom atmosphere and offer more variety in the vocal parts, are really great (e.g. Holy Tranquilizer, Sharp Beaks Strike Back). Summing up, I have mixed feelings aobut this, but Grunge fans should definitely give it a try.

Watertank are:
Bojan A. : Guitar
Vincent A. : Bass
Jocelyn L. : Drums
Julien G. : Guitar
Thomas B. : Vocals

Klaudia Weber

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