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Mechanical Swan

Titel / Title Black Dawn Romance 
Label Bakerteam Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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I had mentioned already that ears used to Blastbeats sometimes require some relief, and when requiring some softer sounds, this band and this album can be recommended.
Mechanical Swan from Italy combine Hard Rock with orchestra sounds and electronic music on their debut album ‘Black Dawn Romance’, which was mastered at Masters Of Audio Studios Sweden. The band info also mentions Heavy Metal – but I don´t hear much of that, or maybe just this kind of "Heavy Metal" that commercial radio stations define as the maximum of heavyness they could still release on air...
In this aspect Mechanical Swan have this AOR thing about them, but this should not be understood as devaluation. "Human" as well as the opening track is real ear candy with a touch of Bon Jovi drama. Emerald Bird sounds initially like a HIM song, the vocals - also featuring a female guest vocalist – rather sound like rock opera than Heartagram, though, as well as the title track after its intro with Prodigy beats. Other songs make me think of The Rasmus, and naturally also Depeche Mode, to whom the band also dedicated a heavy guitar cover version (In Your Room).
This catchy symphonic Rock thing is sometimes a bit too much kitsch-Pop for me – this "fairy-glitter" keyboard for example (Memories), or I feel it´s too much of drama (My Lonely Life). Otherwise not bad at all, and fans of the bands mentioned could enjoy this album.

Truzzi Federico (git, synth)
Pasquali Matteo (voc)
Torreggiani Luca (drums)
Fabrizio Incao (2nd git)

Klaudia Weber

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