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Uncle Ho

Titel / Title The Manufacture Of Madness 
Label Smarten up / Rough Trade 
Web www.uncleho.eu
Total run time
38 min 
Vö/Release17 Mai 2013 
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Pretty wild, talented, diverse, direct, rough, a little dirty. Like themselves say, "The songs are very raw". Existing since 1994 Uncle Ho from Germany/Wuppertal appear despite this long period even still unpolished. The first song revolves around the distinctive guitar riff, simple, tough, effective rock`n´roll, a little indie, a little punk, a little hard rock. The second song revolves around the next concise riff and explodes in the chorus. And also the third song gets its structure from the third six-string inspiration. Striking is the energetic drums with spontaneous live character.

The vocals have some power and variety, but don´t find necessarily in the harder tunes their highlights - in which the voice differs from others of its kind. In the hard rocking full steam mode the singing sounds pressed and overconscientious; almost arbitrary. But in songs like "Daemon" the voice gets soothed and relaxed and obtains much more substance and originality and draws the listener into its narrative fascination.

"Daemon of men" has shares of early, rougher U2-time. From other songs could be extracted trace elements of 10% Aerosmith and even 10% of Paul Weller, mixed with 20% garage rock party mood; this last one would be the unpolished part. But the music evolves in the course more than straight rock sound only. In the song "Forgive forget" is broken through the phalanx of defiant dance music; the guitar disappears for long periods in Jimi Hendrix reminiscence and inside of psychedelic trance. This track is different from all others also in length: Mostly the songs are just two or three minutes, this has more than nine minutes and stoned freedom.

Very well is also the capricious "I will do damage", that starts mysteriously and becomes torn by effervescent choruses and thus creates very nice suspense. Overall, it is an interesting album with different levels of songs - of those which are really intriguing and those which seem already often heard before. It is not to say, the album would have really weak moments, but just the spectacular final end shows that the band actually has more in the box, which could sparkle.

Julian Hanebeck - vocals, bass
Björn Krüger - drums
Thorsten Sala - guitar

Andreas Torneberg

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