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Lacrimas Profundere

Titel / Title Antiadore 
Label Napalm Records 
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Three years after their last release, “The Grandiose Nowhere”, Lacrimas Profundere are back with a new album titled “Antiadore”. It is the third album with singer Roberto Vitacca, who´s part of the band for six years now.

So far, the band´s old records, “Ave End” or “Filthy Notes for Frozen Hearts”, were hard to top for me. One reason for this might be that I haven´t paid much attention to the band after Christopher Schmid left. I needed time to get used to the new voice. But the band´s latest output has a lot of potential to make me change my mind.

With the album opener “My Release in Pain”, Lacrimas Profundere are already back in their good old style, delivering, again, those hooklines, I have been missing so much in the last years. Those who think that “My Release in Pain” is the only song in that manner, are proven wrong. Catchy melodies of guitars and keys harmonise perfectly with each other. The voice of Rob Vitacca fits the songs and one gets to hear also a few growls, of which I think that they were done by himself. There could have even been a bit more of them on the record. Personally, I like the faster songs of Lacrimas Profundere better, than the slow ones but with “Still In Need” and “Head Held High” there are also a few more quiet tunes on the album.

“Antiadore” is an awesome record – there´s no other way to describe it. Here and there, I would have wished for a bit more charm like it can be found on “My Release in Pain” and “Remembrance Song”, also with the other songs. But, all in all, Lacrimas Profundere managed to, one more time, deliver an awesome record.

Sandy Mahrer

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