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Green Express

Titel / Title GEX 
Label unsigned 
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Green Express, an international rock band from the Brazilian southeast coast, formed in 2007 and offers their first full-length album with “GEX”. The 14 original tracks are alternative rock songs, some gritty, some a bit grungy, all very listenable. I like their sound overall but would have liked a little more variety. Most of the songs sound similar with driving drums and guitars, only the instrumental piece “Station” and the last song “Mary Me” are a little different. There is no song that immediately sticks out for me, neither positively nor negatively. To record an album, on which all songs are of the same quality is quite an accomplishment though, considering how many established bands do not manage that. These guys have potential and judging from the energy of their songs I can imagine them being a good live band. Those who like current rock music should check them out – on this album or their European tour, starting in June.

1. Ice Road
2. Bitter Romance
3. Pipeline
4. Kill the Pain
5. Hot City
6. Evil Mind
7. Station
8. Yellow Lane
9. El Complemento
10.Lovin’ Hit
11.Underground Gold Mine
12.Show me Power
14.Mary Me

Stefanie Oepen

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