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Titel / Title Verden Er Enkel 
Label G-Records (rough trade) 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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"Verden Er Enkel" is the second album of Norwegian punk rock band Honningbarna and it sounds just like a punk rock album should sound: loud, fast and somewhat angry. The songs are raw and melodic and come at the listener with full speed. The music demands the listener’s attention from the beginning and there is not much of a chance to stop for breath before the last song is over.

The fact that all songs are sung in Norwegian does not bother me as much as I expected, even though I have no clue what the lyrics are about. For those who speak the language, listening might offer some new revelations, for everyone else it’s just good punk rock music. There is some nice variety between songs and they use a few interesting sound effects on some of them. All in all, a strong album that makes me curious to hear more from this band.

1. Dődtid
2. Fritt Ord. Fritt Fram
3. Fuck Kunst (Dans Dans)
4. Gi Oss Kick
5. God Jul Jesus
6. Ikke Le Deg Rive Med
7. Ned
8. Offerdans
9. Si Nei
10.Sinna Dame
11.Tynn Is
12.Velkommen Tilbake
13.Verden Er Enkel

Stefanie Oepen

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