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Ryan Sheridan

Titel / Title The Day You Live Forever 
Label Universal Music 
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Ryan Sheridan – some of you might already know him through Rea Garvey. Those of you who missed this chance, will get a new one now. The Irish singer and songwriter just published his first album also internationally. Those who have already had the pleasure of watching him live might approach this album with a lot of expectations, just as I have.

What to expect from a singer-songwriter with an acoustic guitar, supported by a percussionist, and a band, in which both tease their instruments to the max? It either sounds like a musical massacre or cheesiness galore – but, luckily, Sheridan and co. opted for neither of the two options. Both musicians, highly talented, impressively show how to write and play music with only these instruments. Those are songs are not only coherent and catchy but they are not lacking anything – who needs a bass or an electric guitar anyway? Emotion, passion, thoughtfulness, will to fight – this and so much more is what you can find not only in the lyrics but also in Ryan´s voice, which again and again amazes me.

All of you eagerly waiting for some recommendations, songwise – I almost had to disappoint you, since the album is full of great songs. It was a tough decision, nevertheless: “Stand up tall”, as well as “The Dreamer” and “Without you” might stand out that little bit more than the rest. “Stand up tall” is a really great opening track for the album - rocking and catchy with its nice guitar tune, it clearly sticks to the mind. “The Dreamer” invites one to sing along and move the body to the melody, and thanks to the lyrics many listeners might identify themselves with this song. “Without you” is a melancholic song - beautifully presented by Ryan - featuring incredibly much emotion and sentiment in the vocals and supported by great percussion instruments and guitar tunes.

Overall, this album is a really strong one – time will tell whether Ryan Sheridan can continue to ride on the wave of success in the future. But one wishes the nice and down-to-earth Irish musician exactly this.

Carina Ullmann

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