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Titel / Title Herzlich Willkommen 
Label In BloomRecords  
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Déparlise, a band from Augsburg and Munich, Germany, introduces us to their own brand of “rap with dance music” on their first album “Herzlich Willkommen” (Welcome). When I read the description the terminology makes me think of German hip hop legends Die Fantastischen Vier, but I readily admit that I don’t know much about this genre. However, I am curious and curiosity is the right state of mind to listen to this album.

During the first track “Herzlich Willkommen” the band introduces themselves, their name and their music. Those who, as instructed, listen first, get clever lyrics and a whole lot of irony. They sing about wanting “screaming women”, but really feel too old for “crap” like the after show party. They really just want to play and it’s clear that they enjoy making music.

Overall the music sounds happy-go-lucky and is really hard to describe. Hip Hop? Pop? Something in-between? Or something entirely different? No matter what it is, as I listen, my smile broadens, I enjoy the rhythm and by the end of the CD I am ready to jump up and dance. It’s almost difficult to just listen, this music really is for dancing.

Yet paying attention to the lyrics is rewarded, from “Ja klar” (Yeah, sure) about the end of a relationship, the melancholic “Brief an den Vater” (Letter to dad) or the Single “Knochensüchtig” (Addicted to bones) that describes the nightly “hunt for prey” at the disco. This album does not get boring for sure because each song is different. “Déparlise”, according to he band, is “the feeling you feel when you feel that you feel” and just like the “rap with dance music” this description fits perfectly. A good album. Listen and dance!

1. Herzlich Willkommen
2. Knochensüchtig
3. Ja Klar
4. Karel
5. Brief An Den Vater
6. Do The Dirty
7. Entschuldigung Bitte
8. Zeig Mir Deine Zähne
9. Lächerlich

Stefanie Oepen

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