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Titel / Title Darkest White  
Label Napalm Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Many changes throughout the past years almost meant the end for this band but it seems that they are now back on track and found the right recipe to strengthen the band. With Kjetil Nordhus and Mariangela Demurtas, the band finally seems to have left the troubled waters. Vocal-wise, the lively Italian and the tall North man are complementing each other perfectly. After “Rubicon”, “Darkest White” is the second record with the Italian and Kjetil. Already “Rubicon” could convince the fans and I can tell you that the same will be true for “Darkest White”.

The record begins with hard growls; however, with “Number” one doesn´t get to hear a lot of ´Mary´ but luckily, this changes during the course of the record. Compared to the previous record, “Darkes White” is a lot heavier and somehow Mary doesn´t get to sing as much as on “Rubicon”. Music-wise, the album offers a lot of variety and a certain harmony. Tristania never made ´easy listening´ music. Hence, one needs more than one listen to understand the record but seen as a whole, everything fits perfectly together. By the way, the clean vocals of Kjetil are just divine. He has an awesome voice, on which, in my opinion, not enough emphasis was put at the beginning of the record. I could not really recognise a clear earworm but “Lavender” should be a good choice for a future single release. I am sure Tristania fans will more than like this record.

Sandy Mahrer

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