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Jenny Hooker

Titel / Title Hooker Rock  
Label Broken Valve Music 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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To be honest, I have been thinking about not doing this review at all because of the cover artwork of the record. To me, the picture looks like child prostitution or child porn. Naked women on album artwork – Ok. But please with some kind of class! Those who sign up for something like this, can only blame themselves. If the band weren´t that good musically, I would have mercilessly banned them from our collection. The Stoner Rock with metal influences is really well played, the melodies are great and there are also some really catchy riffs. Those who don´t understand English - lucky you! That´s because the lyrics are absolutely horrible. With something like that you will never be taken seriously as a musician. That´s why I hope that the guys from Munich will, rather sooner than later, wake up and start to write better lyrics and not crap like “Guinea Pig” or “Ritalin”! Music: 6 points, lyrics: minus 10!!

Sandy Mahrer

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