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Hellcity Punks

Titel / Title 2159: The Rise and Fall of the Underground 
Label Hellcity Entertainment Oy 2013 
Total run time
41 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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In 2011, “Angelina Cries“ was already released as single, finally the first album of Hellcity Punks is out now. “2159: The Rise and Fall of the Underground” is a concept album, in which all songs are connected through the sound as well as through a story-line. While listening to the album for the first time, some songs were already familiar to me, those which I knew from concerts and youtube. After having listened for a second time, I already knew all songs, probably because all of them include elements from “H/E/L/L”, the first song of the album. As can be deduced from the year in the title of the album, the story has a certain apocalyptic touch. And what is the message? Live as long as you have a life to live; love; and do only things on which you can be proud of at the end of the day. I was listening to this album while reading “Limit” by Frank Schätzing and I have to admit that the mixture of punk – rock – metal – pop and a story of a world “after the storm” was the perfect soundtrack for the description of Quyu, the underground city of Shanghai in 2025 just before the “storm”. When I listened more closely to the lyrics, another surprise was revealed: “Danger on the radio/ Poisoning the airwaves/ I should turn off my receiver/ Cause they’re trying to make me believe…” – some criticism of today’s media consumption and control.

Prelude to the End of the World
H/E/L/L (The Underground)
Angelina Cries
If I Let It Go
Danger on the Radio
Sunday Saints
Love Like Hell
Sons of Mercury
The Last Night

Grit Kabiersch

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