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Leather Synn

Titel / Title Leather Synn 
Label Metal Soldiers Records / Blood and Iron Records  
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The band name, the cover, the outfit of the band and also the design of the CD itself (it looks like a vinyl record) already give you some clues that this might be Old School Metal 80s style, before the Speed Thrash wave. And indeed, Leather Synn, formed in 2011, belong to the “New Wave of Portugese Heavy Metal”, which channels this kind of sound. This debut EP therefore offers solid Heavy Metal, Xico Steele´s high voice reminds me a bit of Overkill-Blitz or Saxon-Biff, or even Udo; and also the sound has something of the early Accept. The rhythm focuses on groove, no blast beats, and the harmonizing guitars let you think of Iron Maiden. Or let´s try it this way: Leather Synn are a mixture of Rush and Judas Priest. Synn is Ynn offers remarkable guitar soli, the catchy Time To Fight seems to be the most advanced song. Occasionally, I find the song structures too simple – I can guess what comes next – and there´s too much reverb on the voice for my taste, but no doubt that those guys show their talent here. Fans of this genre should keep an eye on this band.

Klaudia Weber

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