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Titel / Title Finding the Sacred Heart –Live in Philly 1986 
Label Eagle Vision / Edel 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The double-disc from Dio is here and it´s not bad at all -it´s just that it´s, well, a live album. The fact that it´s a live album brings up a few issues, for instance in the day and age of live DVDs, the live CDs are dying.

When it comes to musicians like Dio, the setlist is one of the things to start up conversations. If you look at his production from Rainbow, Sabbath and Dio, the list of possible songs is astounding. Of course there will always be those to complain that this and this song should have been there instead of the other one. My personal opinion is that they could have easily left out the tracks “Drum Solo”, “Keyboard Solo” and “Guitar Solo” –that´s not a joke, the songs have these names and I was a bass solo short of throwing the CD out of the window. Nonetheless, tracks like “Don´t Talk to Strangers”, “Heaven and Hell” and “Man on the Silver Mountain” give the album a lot of balls.

To sum it all up, some like live CDs, some don´t and I am having a hard time to come up with a reason (apart from the price) to buy a live CD when there´s a DVD too. In the end, the double album isn´t bad at all, as long as you are prepared to skip a few songs towards the end in the first disc.

Ozzy Aikas

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