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Titel / Title Angst 
Label Sonic Revolution/Bob Media 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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„Angst“ (english: Fear) is exactly what I feel when I read the lyrics before listening to the record. This doesn´t change when the first notes of „Rock den Scheiss“ (Rock That Shit) start their journey from the loudspeakers to my ears. This band has a good portion of North German humor and a few loose screws. How else could you explain that they take their bandname from the airport Berlin Tegel (short TXL)? Music-wise, the rockers are not bad, they play good rock with great beats. Vocalwise, one gets surprised by always different ways of singing but I like the styles of “Rock den Scheiss” and “Ich hab Angst” (I´m afraid) the best. They might not be the best singers but their music surely has a big recognition value. The trio delivers a bit crazy but good music – something different for a change. It is very diverse and sometimes it also puts a smile on your face. One has to like it but I´m sure not everybody will. But you better make up your minds yourselves.

Sandy Mahrer

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