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Is there anybody else who releases records as regularly as Jorn Lande? I don´t think so. The Norwegian churns out album after album, year after year. And this year, we get treated with not one but two records. Besides “Symphonic”, a re-make of old songs with some orchestration in the background, Jorn now releases his official new and also eighth studio album, “Traveller”.

It is the first record with Trond Holter and Bernt Jansen (both played with Wig Wam), who are part of the band since 2012. One can hear pretty fast that there are two self-loving musicians at work, who had to fight for their place on the record more than the two other guys before them, Tore Moren and Nic Angileri. The bass and guitar parts are definitely more dominant than before and there are also many solos. The songs are again a bit easier to listen to when compared to the previous album, “Bring Heavy Rock to the Land”. Jorn has his own way to write songs. Mostly, those songs are not very easy to listen to because of the many time changes etc happening throughout the song. This is probably also the reason why many people can´t really get into his music. It is everything but commercial stuff like Masterplan or Avantasia.

However, on the new record there are, again, songs that are easy on the ear, with a good beat and great lyrics. And no matter what kind of music Jorn makes, his vocal work is always superb, also if it´s a bit more on the experimental side as is the case on the new record. “Overload”, “Traveller” or also “Legend Man” are all earworms and hard to get out of your mind ever again. “Traveller” surely is a great improvement compared to the last one, “Bring heavy Rock to the land”. Music-wise, it is more diverse, rockier and with fewer blues parts than before. It´s time to rock once more! Another masterpiece! My personal highlight is “The Man Who was King!”

Sandy Mahrer

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