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Titel / Title If it ain´t broke 
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With “If It Ain´t Broke…”, Hogjaw deliver their fourth studio album - an album filled with ten rocking tracks. It all starts with a bluesy feel for “One More Little One”, only to leave the blues behind over the course of the album and move towards straightforward Southern Rock. The highlight for me is the melodic “Shiny Brass”. I can´t pinpoint what the singing reminds me of, but it´s one of those songs that worm their way directly into one´s ear and get stuck there.

The album does not lose momentum until the end, with driving drums that offer more than just a steady beat and guitars that cry, sing and at times even whisper. The epic “The Wolf” showcases the band´s abilities – all band members know what they are doing. All the songs are powerful, they don´t give the listeners much of a chance to rest, but they offer enough variety not to get boring. The lyrics aren´t bad either. All in all, this is an album worth a listen or a few more.

1. One More Little One
2. Built My Prize
3. Am I Wrong?
4. Shiny Brass
5. Cold Dead Fingers
6. The Wolf Part I
7. The Wolf Part II
8. Devil´s Eyes
9. ´83
10.Beer Guzzlin´ Merican

Stefanie Oepen

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