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Goodbye June

Titel / Title Nor The Wild Music Flow 
Label CVR (Cotton Valley Music) 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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“Nor the Wild Music Flow”, Goodbye June´s debut album shows that rock does not necessarily have to be extremely loud or up tempo to be good. The album has a lot of power, yet stays on the bluesy side throughout. Often rough, but enjoyable singing and lots of guitars are the foundation of the music. During the second half of the album, the music varies more and the singing gets a bit softer, but I like the roughness of the first half better, especially the opener “Man I Am” and “Microscope”. The cousins Brandon Qualkenbush, Landon Milbourn and Tyler Baker formed the band in 2005 and spent much time playing in front of different audiences. All the practice shows on the CD, overall it is nicely balanced and John Smith´s production is just right as well. The lyrics are good too, telling stories that make me curious to hear more. An album worth checking out.

Man I Am
Love Clinic
Out Of Your Mind
Breathe Easy
Shreds of Lightning
Indiana Boys
Strut Your Stuff
Lady Luck
Tent Revival

Stefanie Oepen

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