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Titel / Title The Bonding 
Label SPV / Steamhammer 
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Almost three years after releasing their last record, the Austrian symphonic metal band EDENBRIDGE is now back with their new multifaceted record called “The Bonding“.

The opener song ”Mystic River“ is powerful, orchestral and refined with Gregorian chants, the latter being a real novelty for the Austrians. Topped off with a captivating guitar solo, the song comes across as something very special. “Star-crossed Dreamer“ is a pretty catchy ballad that is easy on the ear and that´s because of the many different instruments and the warm, classic voice of vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher. At first, “Into A Sea Of Souls“ seems to be a ballad too but the up-tempo chorus gives variety to the song. With its the piano sounds and the melodies, “Far Out Of Reach“ picks up the listeners and takes them straight to another dimension. The album continues with a more powerful song called “Shadows Of My Memory“, which features male growls - the first since the title track of their second to last record “MyEarthDream“. Together with the magical voice of Sabine, the result is a well-done mix of both worlds. Also the last song, the title track of the album, starts calm and slowly but later gathers speed and turns into a powerful and fast piece. This song features male clean vocals, which is again rather untypical for the band but it´s a very positive surprise. Towards the end of the 15-minute song I start to feel a bit bored, though.

With “The Bonding“, Edenbridge are revealing a few new sides of their band personality. Surely with this approach, they will win over even more listeners. Especially the huge variety of instruments will make every symphonic metal fan fall in love with this album. Give it a try!

Tatjana Ziegler

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