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Crimson Rain

Titel / Title Mankind is obsolete 
Total run time
44 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The album “Mankind is obsolete” was released by the Swiss progressive band Crimson Rain, which consist of Florian Siegrist (Vocals), Alain Liesch (Drums), Vito Marrella (Bass), and Matthew Lewis (Guitar). The first songs sound very much alike and that´s what they have in common with the bandname as there is another band with the same name in Leipzig, Germany, and also a Christian rock band in the USA. Really nothing special…The first time I pricked my ears came with the fourth song, “Raise of the indignant”. And that already tells a lot. Also the vocals on the album, at first, are rather unremarkable, neither bad nor good. That´s a pity because the lyrics are partially cryptic and contain much symbolism, which could be interpreted more expressively, both vocally and melodically. The last song “Heliocentric” is an exception: it is interpreted with lots of emotions, it soothes the soul and the velvety voice is accompanied by a gentle guitar sound. In conclusion: The album develops with every song; it helps to listen to the whole album several times (before writing a review).

Vigour of the law
Raise of the indignant
Our gleam of hope
Leap of faith

Grit Kabiersch

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