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Actually it´s absurd that you notice this certain sinister melancholy which is so typical for Finnish bands right with the first song “Stream of Light” - because the two artists behind this young project - Sébastien Pierre and Jari Lindholm – are not from Finland. One hails from France, the other from Sweden – well, OK, this is Northern Europe too, but we have hardly ever heard that kind of sound originating from this Northern corner. A sound related with Swallow The Sun or Entwine or To/Die/For... Such melancholy is enriched with a certain meditative element, when for example the instrumentation is reduced to acoustic guitar and synthesizer. Epic, relaxing – chill out music indeed. Especially those instrumental tracks tend to drift off into the Pop zone, yet not being Kitsch – something a Synth-master like Jean Michel Jarre has demonstrated before (Cinders, Astrarium).

Still I prefer the heavier songs with vocals (growls and clean), e.g. “Ambivalence” and “Nightwave” or the abovementioned opening track. In my opinion, there could have been even more of those vocals. Still, a remarkable debut album that took two years to record, and all those who like the above mentioned bands will surely like this album, too. And even JM Jarre fans might enjoy it.

The full list of musicians participating in the recording of this album:
Jari Lindholm - Guitar/Synth/Additional vocals
Sébastien Pierre - Lead vocals/Additional keys
Oscar Borgenstam - Drums
Siavosh Bigonah - Bass
Sandy Mahrer - Choir vocals

1. Stream of light
2. Refraction
3. Cinders
4. Astrarium
5. Ambivalence
6. Nightwave
7. Immersed
8. Above us
9. Constellation

Klaudia Weber

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