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The Fortunate Fools

Titel / Title The Last Tree Standing 
Total run time
25:30 min. 
Vö/ReleaseJanuar 2012 
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Who meantime is in the mood for softer tunes than black metal or grindcore and internally would like to walk through a pleasant landscape of rolling meadows and rustling forests, has the opportunity to roam about the folk music of THE FORTUNATE FOOLS. There is only one tree, namely "The Last Tree Standing", and around it acoustic and electric guitars, melodic vocals and piano play unspectacular, but relaxing music.

This last tree stands in an area that invites to hang out in nature, or even thinking about the same. The band was founded in 2006 in the small Kulmbach, Upper Franconia, where the band threw their first official album in the evil shark tank of the music business. This origin gets, however, neither verbally nor in the texts, where San Francisco and Mount St Dunno is mentioned, special emphasis.

The first songs serve a soft, pleasant folk-rock; "Rocky" recalls by the piano accompaniment a little of the Dutch The Nits. In the course of the tracks partially memories of Cat Stevens and Simon&Garfunkel appear. "The Last Tree stranding" is a gently grooving campfire song for all who know him, to sing or hum along. In "My Song" and "Seeing You" they pull the plug and play unplugged acoustic. In between the very beautiful, slightly melancholy "Peace and Grace" with violin accompaniment.

Due to the dedication to nature it would have been appropriate to present the imprisoned in vile plastic cover tree and the CD in an environmentally friendly cardboard sleeve. Apart from this the album is airy and well mixed; a harmonious, sympathetic piece, nicely sung, played beautifully.

1. Wiped
2. Rocky (is the Road of Time)
3. Fool
4. The Last Tree Standing
5. The Beauty of the Beast
6. My Song
7. Peace and Grace
8. Seeing You (Seeing Me)

Stefan Degel (Voice, Guitars)
Ludwig Karsch (Keys, Voice)
Christian Degel (Bass)
Lukas Frisque (Drums)

Andreas Torneberg

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