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Titel / Title Broken Dreams 
Label office4music 
Total run time
51:39 min. 
Vö/ReleaseJune 2012 
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From where the chamois gallops and the alphorns yodel the singer/drummer Paul Henzinger and the two brothers Jeremy, guitar, and Joshua Lentner, bass, come from a small village in the Austrian Tyrol. But the music, the trio serves is a fat rather Southern American heavy rock with blues as a base, heavy, rather slow, but massive.

First, the great sound is noticeable when the album starts in the form of a beautiful piano intro, then a broadside of guitars jumps in; but if thick rocking or whether with acoustic guitar, the mixer did a splendid job - and as far itīs known the band was producing the tapes by themselves. "Broken Dreams" is gaining attention due to its wealth of variety in the songwriting. But even for the next songs, a specific strength is to structure the songs with exciting breaks and always looking for new sounds that stir up the familiar riffs.

So good and beautiful rough the "front man" sings behind the drums, so convincing the earthy riffs and guitar solos from the belly rock - the strong parts evolve constantly, when the usual structures are broken. Despite all these ideas, something what lacks are real catchy sounds that stay in the ear or even shine out from the album itself or differentiate the songs from each other.

The album closes with a beautiful piano ballad and leaves quite a lasting positive impression. With the talent and the dynamics that is evident here, an increase of forthcoming productions going in the direction of an even more memorable Midriff sound could be possible to imagine. On the well-stocked website, there are some videos to your own opinion to watch.

1. Broken Dreams
2. Hard Way
3. Flying Dutchman
4. Weekend Rocker
5. Garden Of Stone
6. Departed
7. House Of Pain
8. Pumping Iron
9. Digger
10. Before I Wake
11. The Regime Falls
12. Lights Going Down

Paul Henzinger (vocals, drums)
Joshua Lentner (guitar)
Jeremy Lentner (bass)

Andreas Torneberg

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