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Titel / Title Black God of The Hunt 
Label Danse Macabre 
Total run time
56 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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I sometimes like to go to EBM parties (and I have also been to classic discos), thus I know that any kind of music with keyboard sounds can be “metamorphosed” into a techno version. However, “Black God of the Hunt” by the Finnish trio ErilaZ was my first-ever Industrial Metal album. And I was very pleasantly surprised. I perceived the beat of most of the songs as relatively slow. But after a really tough working day, the pace was just ideal for swaying my head and the upper part of my body back and forth and even, if necessary, with my face to the wall. All stress and aggression was completely gone after the almost one hour, in which the CD was spinning in my CD player. The tracks turned out to be quite versatile and made me switch between my position and motion mode. And with some songs, such as “If I die today” or “July cries”, I just paused for a moment and let atmosphere and lyrics sink in.

Straight line
New world disorder
Kuolema sinut tänä syksyna korjaa
The successor
If I die today
Unknown dark horizons
Resurrection of wotan
The architect
I´m alive again
July cries

Grit Kabiersch

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