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Ten Ft. Ganja Plant

Titel / Title Skycatcher 
Label Roir / Cargo 
Total run time
40 min 
Vö/Release27 September 2013 
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10 Ft. Ganja Plant - Reggae slightly different. The groove is the same, but the first track has something of the coolness of dub club-music with a pinch of psychedelic Tangerine Dream, nice instrumental overture. Then the tune is switched to the classic Rasta vocal mode, definitely with some nostalgia, but transported into 2013 by electronic spices. The sound in a brilliant way mixed; dry, deep bass rhythm in the peritoneum, all other instruments and vocals crystal clear. You have to like this slightly monotonous reggae style. Honestly, I am not a fan of this kind of music, but the sound here on this album is pretty cool, I can even see swinging the chestnut leaves in the wind and make me a bonfire in the living room.

Beautifully relaxing; and even the neighbors graciously donīt start to rumble, no, because somebody enjoys a good time at 30 degrees Celsius in the shade. The monotony of the happy beach mood in slow motion however is enriched by a dreamy saxophone, ah, and an easygoing trumpet - oh yes, the fourth track and instrumental again. In the fifth track the singer dresses the hula skirt and tries to exercise his soprano. Such a band needs a name like “10 Ft. Ganja Plant”... The name of a band that let a blues harmonica blow to reggae.

Yes, brazza, the pipe is in flame! Jamaica essence direct from the island of New York City. Catchy. In the second half of the album not as inspired as in in the first half. But good stuff for any rasta club or people who just like to celebrate a smooth party. The thing should be released on September 27, bad timing. Better now or earlier in June, in any case in summer. Itīs summer time music. Rather not for the discotheque, better for the wallower in a hammock between palm trees with the typical style of slight melancholy, because everything sometime sometimes ceases, even the most beautiful delirious state.

Andreas Torneberg

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