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End of Green

Titel / Title Painstream 
Label Napalm Records 
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I know End of Green for a bit more than 10 years now and I must say that they are one of just a few bands that never let me down with their releases. Again and again, the five guys from Stuttgart, Germany, manage to show a completely different side of themselves - they reinvent themselves without losing their identity. Their two last records, The Sick´s Sense (from 2008) and High Hopes in Low Places (from 2010), were quite successful and also led to good chart positions - at places 21 and 17 of the German charts. But the guys don´t really care about chart positions. They only care about making music that comes straight from the heart.

On their new release Painstream, End of Green prove once more that they are hard to beat when it comes to combining Goth Roll with so many different elements and styles of music. By the way, singer Michelle Darkness is not only fronting End of Green, he´s also an awesome solo musician and definitely deserves lots more attention if you ask me. The new album is various in style, with both fast and slow songs. All songs, shine with very nice melodies and the fast ones with awesome beats. Especially, the a bit more “pop-py” De(ad)generation should be a hit with most fans. My favorite, however, is “Don´t stop killing me” - a very nice mi-tempo song, which becomes faster at the end but still is soulful and rocking. I wouldn´t be surprised if the album leads to another chart success. Once more, the guys of End of Green delivered awesomely!

Sandy Mahrer

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