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The Lucky Punch

Titel / Title Still Shakin 
Label Thunderlight Records 
Total run time
52:39 min 
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Insert the disc, fire up, let rock + roll. The first sounds and later the third track, which is initiated by a Spanish radio announcement, remember of two things: the Dessert Sessions by Josh Homme in the way of reduction and bone-dry riffs, secondly, to the impetuous, rough and spontaneous kind of "garage rock"; old school guys who meet, drink beer, have fun and rock out. Both finds its roots in the 70s: powerful guitar rock with a touch of punk, some slices of blues plus a few guitar solos, because that must be to impress the girls at the edge of the stage.

The riffs come directly and traditional. Less spectacular or super-characteristic, everything have been already, but powerful. The vocals fit well into the tunes. But there is a lack of clear hooklines or - in other words - to hum melodies, choruses to sing along or just songs about which is to say, hey, I´ve yet heard one of them in the radio recently. Nice music for any trucker or biker, the beer hisses harmoniously and the testosterone has its authorized level, but all just too uniform. Not a weak song here. But no song, which differs significantly from the other. Lively rocking in the feel-good rocker mood, same speed, same temper, same procedure as last song. At the end, one song is packed on it, song numero 14, which the vocalist presents surprisingly in Spanish; that sounds allready pretty Mediterranean as from the Heroes del Silencio. If you like them, this is for you.

For others it may mean, think about it: Are you going to remind any song, if you should hear it once again somewhere? Probably not.

From where the guys come from? From Big United America? No, wrong, but yet close to it: The Lucky Punch with their fourth album come from Munich, Bavaria, Germany, already played the support for Monster Magnet and Motörhead, toured through the People´s Republic of China just to call out loud: we make nothing new, but we do it honestly and directly.

Andreas Torneberg

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