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The Deep End

Titel / Title Cop This 
Label Relentless Rock Records  
Total run time
38:40 min. 
Vö/ReleaseFeb 2013 
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The bands that sound like AC/DC or want to sound like them will probably never die. And the people who are listening to this kind of hard rock mode with catchy sing along choruses will as well not die, not in this civilization. The Deep End show from the beginning on how the strings are tuned. About crossover or intellectual details, from where they could have their inspiration and what rotates in the player, you don´t need to waste any tired syllable: AC/DC. And suck this: The Deep End are a "five-speed Powerhouse Pub band" from Melbourne, Australia. Sure thing: these are the genes. And that does not mean the peaceful tranquility of the koalas.

After three EP´s, they now have their first album at the start: "Cop This". Silence does not come along. The roads in Australia are long and endless, enough space to push all pressure on the accelerator of the rock machine. Reflective moments like at the beginning of "Midnight Sun" are rather rare and they very quickly turn to the heavy broadside. Fun, beer, sweat and the secure feeling of having heard it all already once before – that´s what is it about. But as far as the energy is on the right side, the riffs set the vibration on fire and the vocals go along - who wants to complain? We are not here in the avant-garde suite. We are here to squeeze the last drop of fuel out of the tank on the long highway to hell or - as The Deep End say it - "No Time To Rest". Let us scare kangaroos!

1.Bigger, Better, Badder
2.Get On It
3.No Time To Rest
4.Knife Fight
5.Cheap Night Out
7.Midnight Sun
8.Shit Talker
9.Trixxy´s Jam
10.Run With It

Andreas Torneberg

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