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Titel / Title Auf die Fresse ist umsonst 
Label AFM Records 
Total run time
50 min. 
Vö/ReleaseAugust 2013 
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On the Kiez, Hamburg St.Pauli, some old hands have been already on their way, like the Beatles or Hans Albers or – just to use the same breath - Ohrenfeindt, who pave the shelves since 1994 with discs. What AC/DC for free bouncing kangaroos, is Ohrenfeindt for the lively herrings – like this just to tackle the first song. Even the voice moves in a similiar climate of an angry throat.

But it does not remain in the heavy mode of the Hanseatic outback - the first two tracks heat up the ears, then "Jetzt oder Nie" is a piece of beautiful German krautrock with a nagging earworm working as a catchy chorus. But no later than the fourth song "Rock`n´Roll Sexgöttin", the mode is switched to a rich, pleasurable, southern swamp blues. The album is - although stylistically less reinvented, but handmade from wellknown traditions - surprisingly versatile and enjoyable. Here you get your hits for free on the face and efficient in the ears. The musical herb was not invented by Ohrenfeindt but inflamed committed and hot smoked. Cool shit.

So, the tracks sway in Hamburg´s harbor between fat rock and leather-covered blues, and the singing of Chris Laut is highly to recognize and very characteristic. While listening the album, after a while awakes the wish for some more versatility of the vocal expression with a little less of constant pressure to weave some different patterns in the acoustic woven rug - as temporary happens in the song "Ruf mich nicht mehr an". The only ballad "Prinzessin," which cosy and sentimental strolls around the corners, would be an opportunity, but the song is purely instrumental and the podium for guitarist Basti Wulff to caress his strings. Chris Laut blows therefore on the "Prokrastinations Blues" a harmonica and inside the rather quiet and catchy "Durch die Nacht" - which was released as a VIDEO - he offers his narrative nature. "Home" is the ultimate ejector.

The German lyrics are simply earthy straight from St. Pauli roads, drawn from warm to painful. Great album. Come into the Rock`n´Roll Show! You have to pay, but it´s worth it.

01. Auf die Fresse ist umsonst
02. Alles oder nichts
03. Jetzt oder nie
04. Rock’n’Roll Sexgöttin
05. Königin der Nacht
06. Prinzessin
07. Egal
08. Prokrastinations-Blues
09. Durch die Nacht
10. Rock’n’Roll Show
11. Ruf mich nicht mehr an
12. Strom
13. Heim

Andreas Torneberg

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