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The Blanko

Titel / Title Into The Silence 
Label Sony Music Entertainment Finland 
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Into The Silence is The Blankoīs much awaited second album. The Finnish power trio of modern retro rock (as they themselves define their musical genre) was signed to Sony Music after their first album, Flying Colours, clearly made someone notice the skills of these guys. For a few years already Iīve thought this band is one of the absolute gems of the Finnish rock scene, known by too few people. Perhaps things are about to change.

Into The Silence is an excellent album. It is a solid proof of the fact that The Blanko has found a style the band as a whole is totally comfortable with. Pauli Hauta-ahoīs music is arranged by the whole band and the results are rockinī! Pauli himself is no less than a demigod when it comes to playing the guitar, plus he has an enviably wide vocal range. Combined with Marko Haatajaīs skills with the bass and Jakke Saarinenīs manic drumming, the band produces material that is definitely more than the sum of its parts.

From the very first track the album demands the listenerīs attention and runs with it. There are fantastic, almost frantic tracks (like All About You and the first single release of the album, Face The Fear) but also tracks that are less hectic. The sounds of The World Is Ours roll like the waves of the sea and thereīs a very ethereal feel to the closing track Fade Away. It all shows that while The Blankoīs style may be clearly recognizable, itīs definitely also very diverse.

There are two featuring artists on this album. First of them is the cellist Eicca Toppinen, who features in Krazy Heart. His cello brings a wonderful addition to the sound world and ups the intensity of the song by a notch. The other featuring musician is Massive Attack guitarist Angelo Bruschini who plays on Fade Away. Without a doubt a successful featuring visit the band can be very happy about.

All in all Into The Silence has a guaranteed placing on my list of Top 3 albums of 2013. Itīs fierce, beautiful, it has a message. Check it out, if you havenīt already!

Johanna Ahonen, transl: K. Gransalke

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