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Titel / Title Duskmachine 
Label Massacre Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Duskmachine is the new ´playground´ of former Annihilator and Overkill member Joe Comeau. The German/ American/ Canadian quartet already formed in 2004 and can look back on an album, from 2005, as well as a Demo of the Month in Metal Hammer in 2011. Their latest album of the same name is hard to put into just one category – on Duskmachine you can find Thrash alongside Power Metal and even Modern Metal in the style of Disturbed.

In any case, the opener "I Feel No Pain" starts with a harsh thrashing note with very obvious borrowings from Nevermore. Their memory runs, in the background, like a golden thread through the entire album. With "Bloodshed", the guys just keep on thrashing on an equally high level, only more in the mid-tempo range. "Endless" starts mighty groovy before turning into more of a melodic Power Metal song that reminds me somehow of Helloween. The title song, "Duskmachine", has a similar making as the previous one but, here the above-mentioned Disturbed clearly shine through – great track with a nice sing-along chorus. For “Dying In My Skin”, the band puts on the brakes but this little break doesn´t take long, with “Conquer all” tempo is back to normal. The latter track is sure to get the crowd going at live shows. “Dripping” starts similarly violent but the song pales in comparison to the others because, as it is so long, it takes forever to really get started.

With "My Empty Room", Duskmachine have even ventured on a ballad. But, I have to admit, that I needed more than three attempts to keep it in my mind - nice song nevertheless. "Hands of Fate" then rudely snaps the gentle listener out of his or her daydreams - here, the band takes no prisoners. An ok “Escaping” concludes the record. A well-done album, good production – much can be expected from the guys in the future.

Björn Schmiterlöw

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